Kitsap Tenant Support Services provides a variety of care and support services in six key categories, including:

  • Health and Safety, including dealing with physical illness or mental health issues; proper nutrition; and self-protection. 
  • Personal Power and Choice, including securing housing and personal belongings; learning rights and responsibilities; and improving communication skills. 
  • Positive Recognition, including creating mechanisms to build self-esteem, feelings of self-worth, and positive perceptions of self and others. 
  • Community Integration, including participating in general shopping, recreational, and social activities within the client’s community or neighborhood, as well as developing the tools to seek out new connections and access educational or vocational opportunities. 
  • Relationship Skills, including establishing, maintaining, expanding, and improving connections with others, whether inside family, social circles, workplaces, or the general community. 
  • Self-Reliance, including building skills and developing tools for day-to-day self-care, managing finances, and maintaining a safe and healthy home.

Many of Kitsap Tenant Support Services clients live with physical limitations that may inhibit their ability to attend to certain needs. The company offers in-home caregivers—for anywhere between one to 24 hours per day—to assist with issues related to personal hygiene, dressing, bathing, meal preparation, transportation, shopping, and housework, and other habilitative services.